Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Have an enchanting Mid-Autumn Festival with Us!

We @ Little Red Shop(Formerly 611 Tau Sar Piah) are delighted to present you our Mid-Autumn Promotion!

Who says you have to stick to mooncakes all the time?

Have an Enchanting Mid-Autumn Festival with Us!

Each package will come with an exclusive-designed gift tag.
If you require the order form in pdf format, please email us enquiry@littleredshop.com.sg or leave your email in the comments session and we will get back to you asap!
We do FREE delivery for bulk orders too! (Selected areas). Please call us at 63768611 or email enquiry@littleredshop.com.sg for enquiry!
Gather your family, friends and collegues and Pre-order yours today!
Alternatively, you can come down to our shop at VivoCity and get yours now! And you will get to choose the favours you want! (please see below) :)
Box of 8
Traditional (Sweet/Salty): $5.40
Mixed (All Flavours): $6.00
Box of 12
Traditional (Sweet/Salty): $8.00
Mixed (All Flavours): $9.00
Special mini gift box (2-piece)
2 -piece (choose from all favours): $1.90
* The option to pick your own flavours is only valid at VivoCity. Not valid for delivery as we have specially selected 10 sets of varities to pick from in our order form. :)

This promotion is strictly from 25 August -25 September 2007 only!

With love,
Little Red Shop (Formerly 611 Tau Sar Piah)
1 HarbourFront Walk #B2-K10 VivoCity Singapore 098585
Open daily 10am-10pm
Tel: (+65)63768611

Saturday, 25 August 2007

10 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Four months has passed in a blinking of an eye since we revealed our NEW brand "Little Red Shop, 小紅店" in May 2007. We will be moving into our 5th month of our NEW brand when September comes....

Along the way, we have people asking us questions relating to our Tau Sar Piah and the shop.... so we've actually compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for your information :)

1. Are you from Balestier Road?
Yes... we have been in Balestier Road for the past 14 years. We have built a good reputation for our Tau Sar Piah along Balestier Road for the past 14 years under our previous brand name "611 Tau Sar Piah". However, we moved to our current location in VivoCity, #B2-K10 in April this year. Our shop at Balestier Road has ceased to operate.

2. How many outlets do you have now?
Currently, VivoCity is our ONE and ONLY outlet. As mentioned above, our Balestier outlet has ceased to operate since April 2007 when our lease was over. You will NOT find us at Balestier Road anymore... so don't get yourself confused with other similar shops along Balestier Road.

3. Are your Tau Sar Piah suitable for vegetarians?
YES! We DO NOT USE eggs,pork,lard, garlic and of cos, no meat. Truly 100% suitable for vegetarians :)

4. Which are your most popular items?
Our traditional Sweet and Salty Tau Sar Piah still remains our ALL-TIME best sellers!

5. What's the different between Traditional Salty and Penang Salty?
Traditional Salty: a combination of sweet and salty taste
Penang Satly: all salty taste, but yet NOT overly salty like salt/soya sauce! :P

6. Are your Tau Sar Piah certified Halal?
Not at the moment... however, we are working towards that one day :)

7. Why change from "611" to "Little Red Shop"?
We wanted to create a new brand with a brand new location; so as to give our customers a fresh new image. However, rest assured that our Tau Sar Piah still taste as great! But now, with a nicer packaging that is suitable for gift-giving :) Visit us someday and you will know what we meant! :)

8. Are your Tau Sar Piah fresh?
YES! We baked DAILY onsite at Vivocity!

9. How long can you keep your Tau Sar Piahs?
1 week at room tempature in the original box/air-tight container.

10. How to eat our Tau Sar Piah?
Our Tau Sar Piah taste good even at room temperature. But if you want it to taste even better, you can re-heat in a toaster oven for about 1.5 mins or microwave for about 45 secs. ( Disclaimer: Be sure not to overheat as each toaster oven and microwave is different, hence timing for reheating will vary.)

So that's the end of our 10 FAQs.... please feel free to email us: enquiry@littleredshop.com.sg or post a comment in our blog if you have more questions! :)

Have a wonderful week ahead of you!!!! :)

With love,

Friendly folks at Little Red Shop (Formerlly 611 Tau Sar Piah)

Monday, 30 July 2007

Celebrate Singapore's 42nd birthday with us!

Being a company that is "born-and-breed" locally, how can we not come up with a National Day Promotion to celebrate such a memorable day that is close to our hearts? :)

So here it is! Our $4.20 promotion to celebrate our nation's 42nd birthday!
(Valid from 1st Aug-12th Aug 2007)

Disclaimer: Not being "technically-trained" to use design software, I took a whopping 4.5 hours to come up with this! (that probably might only take 1 hour or less for a professional graphic designer to do it. ) Well ... I gave myself a "pat" on the shoulder for this "little" achievement. :) If there's any aspiring graphic designer/student out there who might like to help me for future design works, do drop me an email here: enquiry@littleredshop.com.sg

Sunday, 29 July 2007

I'm proud to be a Singaporean ...

Singapore's national day (9th Aug 2007) is just round the corner... And this year, it is indeed a very special one as we move to a whole new location @ Marina Bay! ( http://www.ndp.org.sg/ )

So I thought: " Why not just post something more personal for the very FIRST time today?" (Since "Little Red Shop" is also all about reaching out to people through Tau Sar Piah and our heart-warming story of a home-grown company with humble beginnings.)

I always wished I'm one of those lucky ones who somehow get tickets to view the national day parade "live", especially so for this year as it will be held 'on the water'. I think it will be such a magnificant sight that evening!

My closest memories of watching national day parade "live" was when I was about 5 or 6 years old. My father used to be a music technician before he decided to exchange his screw drivers and spanners for an oven and mixer. During those days, somehow I got to tag along with my father to the then National Staduim for his work purposes. So this is the closest that I've come to watching a "live" national day parade. But again, I still wished that someday I will get to watch the actual day parade "live" .... but for now, I will just "glue" myself to the TV on 9th Aug 2007 :)

I'm proud to be a Singaporean! :)

Friday, 15 June 2007

A surprise!

A friend of mine got really excited when I told him about how I've rebranded from "611" to "Little Red Shop" aka "小紅店"...

Hence, in his excitment and enthusiasm, he actually asked for all the media coverage that we had over the past 14 years. He picked the most recent years' coverage and this is his surprise for me and the company!

Thanks, Jon! You are indeed creative and artistic! :)

Monday, 28 May 2007


GREAT sale everywhere! yeh! yeh! yeh! Here I come GSS 2007! :P

How can "Little Red Shop" 小紅店 not be part of it?

So here's the deal:

10% off for every $10 purchase or more

(just remember 10/10) :)

Terms and conditions:
- Valid from 25 May - 22 July 2007
- Valid from Monday-Thursday only ( excluding public holidays)
- Not valid for delivery
- Customers must flash their Citibank credit card before payment.

Currently, promotion is only for Citibank credit card holders ( But I'm sure many of you own one. Or "borrow" the card to flash from your loved ones/friends. Otherwise, aim towards owning one someday! :) )

So what are you waiting for? ?? Can't buy $10 worth of Tau Sar Piah at 1 go by yourself??? Just bring your friends/colleagues/family along and ask them to buy too! :P (Sure at least $10 by then! )

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Why "Little Red Shop" 小紅店?

Why "Little Red Shop"? 为什么叫“小紅店" ?

This is the question that many people ( regulars, new customers, friends etc) asked us.

Well... as of many things.... it comes with a story to tell.... :)

Here it goes....

Long.... long... time.... ago.... , in the northern part of Singapore @ 611 Balestier Road....

opps! I think if I go on, most of you are going to fall asleep .... Zzzzzz......... and I will become "Hypnosis Master" aka "吹眠大师" .

Alright, let's be MORE SERIOUS and keep it short and sweet :), here it goes....

Little "小" -- We come from a LITTLE humble beginning @ 611 Balestier Road.

Red "紅" -- RED is the colour of our original signboard @ 611 Balestier Road. And the owner used to display an antique RED gramophone at his shopfront. He says it is placed there for his customers to recognise his shop; especially good for the old folks! RED is bright and auspicious! :)

Shop "店" -- 14 years ago, we started our business in a little SHOP house @ 611 Balestier Road. ( we are no longer there and since shifted permanently to VivoCity #B2-K10 )

And in conclusion....

"Little Red Shop, 小店" ( "xiao hong dian" in hanyu pinyin ) shares the same spelling as "Little Red Dot" ("xiao hong dian"); often referred as "Singapore" ( even by our own ministers! )
This is purposefully intended to remind us & our customers of our origin ... (which we are proud of!) .... SINGAPORE :)

Orhhhh.......... now U see.......... so that's all for now....... :P

Please do tell your friends and loved ones or anyone about us! ( or give us your feedback/comments etc... )

And don't forget to visit us @ VivoCity #B2-K10, Open daily 10am-10pm!

See you soon again! :)